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Pentagon Doomsday Scenario Involved Bitcoin-powered Anarchy

The American Department of Defense played out a wargame scenario that saw Generation Zers try to overthrow the powers-that-be, using bitcoin (BTC) and hacking skills to fund an ambitious anarchist coup.

Per media outlet The Intercept, Pentagon documents show that defense chiefs decided to test out American preparedness in the event of a Gen Z (people born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s)-led assault on Washington’s power base.

The Intercept says it obtained the documents via a Freedom of Information Act request and show that Pentagon’s war game, presumably played out in 2018, was called the 2018 Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program.

The wargame saw tech-savvy Gen Z activists launch a series of cyberattacks using “sophisticated malware” in a bid “to siphon funds from corporations, financial institutions and nonprofits that support ‘the establishment.’”

These funds would then be taken off the grid and converted to bitcoin. In true Robin Hood style, the attackers would choose not to hold onto their tokens – instead distributing them to “worthy recipients” true to their cause.

The Gen Z raiders would be part of a wider movement, rather unimaginatively named Zbellion.

Zbellion begins as a United States-only protest movement in 2025, but by the late 2020s, its influence has spread “across Europe and cities throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East,” including Kenya, Vietnam and Jordan.

The Zbellion activists claim their cyber warfare raids are a form of “private taxation” to “combat income inequality” and use the “cyber world to spread a call for anarchy.”

The document’s authors reportedly wrote,

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