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Phemex to Auction Community Driven QaRT NFT

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Phemex crypto exchange and futures trading platform is proceeding on creating their first NFT, a piece of QaRT artwork that is to be auctioned on open OpenSea starting with April 12nd.

Phemex is driving its community in order to gather thousands of QR codes that will form an impressive NFT art piece. The QR codes represent each participant’s ETH deposit addresses, which will be put together to represent the enormous data held on the blockchain.

How to participate?

As Non-Fungible Tokens start gaining the popularity they deserve, Phemex is taking the initiative in creating an NFT that will ultimately bring profit to the community. In this context, bringing the profit to the community is not an abstract idea as Phemex is dead set to give all those who contribute to creating this artwork a chance at sharing a portion of the winning bid.

The participation process is as simple as it can be. Those who want to participate in the creation of the QaRT NFT only have to:

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