News, Where Developers Can Now Build Apps on Publishing Blockchain is a shared ledger that will record metadata of the authors of any original digital content. It is a not-for-profit publishing network built on the blockchain with the broad ambition of changing how the way they distribute, license and monetize content on the internet. Describing its infrastructure, the platform’s developers said,

“In the same way that blockchain technologies have revolutionized the financial industry by creating an immutable and distributed accounting ledger serving as a platform for financial applications, will transform the publishing industry by creating an immutable and distributed ledger for creative works.”

Now has announced that it will be launching opening the Development Labs, a place for developers to experiment with new ideas on the platform.

The first company to launch an app out of the lab is called wrote in a blog post announcing the launch of Development Labs,

. “With Development Labs, we’re introducing an innovation marketplace for all creators to build products on the blockchain. Companies can leverage and build vertically to introduce new innovations or solve problems in the space on top of that foundation,”

“The first project to build on is Inkrypt, a global decentralized system providing a censorship-resistant solution for journalism hosting and delivery that will render journalism content permanent and immutable.”

Dicker also mentioned his objectives when he told that the company wants developers to see in a similar manner to Ethereum, a place where they can build applications making use of the underlying blockchain technology.

“Think of what Ethereum did for the spawn of new applications on the blockchain. We want to do the same for media applications on the blockchain by allowing them to leverage the protocol to build and push the media industry in the right direction,” 

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