Privacy Focused Blockchain Browser Brave Unveils Tipping Service for Twitter Content Creators

According to an announcement on Thursday August 1, Brave has now begun allowing Twitter users to use its Basic Attention Tokens to tip owners of content posted on the platform that they find impressive. This announcement was made on the official Brave website, detailing how users can send BAT to interesting content creators, directly through Twitter.

The new feature allows users to do this by visiting Twitter with the Brave desktop browser. All users who have enabled Brave Rewards on the browser will now see a new button attached to each tweet. Selecting the “Tip” button attached to a tweet a user finds impressive would allow a sender to tip BAT, specifying the exact amount of tokens to be sent. The new feature also has an option that allows users to send automated repeated tips to the creator and can be done monthly. To receive tips, content creators must be registered and verified through Brave’s Creator program. If a creator is not verified, the tip will remain in the browser until verification is complete. If verification is not completed within 90 days then the tip would remain in the sender’s wallet.

Tipping was added by Brave as a way to expand on its already-running Brave Rewards,  that also allows users to earn BAT by choosing to view private Brave Ads. These earnings can then be used to tip impressive content creators. It is also possible to directly purchase BAT if a user isn’t interested in earning the tokens by viewing the ads.

At this time, BAT is valued at $0.235842, losing 3.23% over the last 24 hours.

Image Credits: Stock Photo Secrets

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