Raido Financial – One Stop Solution For Cryptocurrency Trading 

Raido Financial –  An All-Inclusive Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Trading in digital currencies have many advantages including fast transaction time, no meditator, privacy, immutability, etc. According to a recent report, more than 40% of the investors have adopted various cryptocurrencies for their investment purposes. This means that they have to continuously switch between different cryptocurrency exchange platforms, making the investment process arduous and time-consuming. Here comes Raido Financial aiming to solve this problem.

Raido Financial is an international fintech network that integrates a set of universal crypto tools to facilitate trading, financial investments, and exchange operations for all B2B and B2C crypto market players via a single platform. The platform envisions to offer all market stakeholders with efficient and secure tools for executing all required crypto activities without having to use various platforms.

Components of Raido Financial 

Raido Financial is strengthened by the following components:-

Raido : Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Raido Exchange is one of the 2 MVP products that is developed by the platform. It incorporates effective and reliable technological solutions that encompass functionalities such as automatic purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, use of a multifunctional API of over 50 cryptocurrency tools, high-speed connection channels, universal technical analysis tools, aggregation and distribution of liquidity, an integrated AI trading module, and data encryption. Moreover, Raido Exchange offers an opportunity to list ICO tokens, ranks, vote at all stages of the token sale.

Raido: Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet 

The Raido Wallet system is the second MVP product that offers various services to seamlessly acquire cryptocurrencies and fiat for money transfer. It also enables users to directly transfer and withdraw funds within the Radio Exchange. The Multicurrency Raido Wallet is available on both, desktop and mobile versions, and compatible with all standard devices and operating systems.

Smart Processing System 

The smart processing system offers effective functionalities for processing ICO projects through the full-cycle boxed solutions. The system offers various opportunities to strengthen the technical, marketing, and legal base for the token sale. Additionally, it also enables users to exchange any ERC20-based token into another cryptocurrency in a legal way.

Merchant Processing System 

Merchant processing system is a module for accepting cryptocurrency and fiat payments. It is also a private dashboard to manage exchange/withdraw operations, and monitor the overall transaction activities from the customer’s end.

Raido Token Sale 

The pre-token sale will start on November 15th, 2018 and last till December 15th, 2018. 1 RF token is equivalent to 0.001 ETH.  The platform will offer 60,26,2500 tokens for sale and it will be distributed in the following manner:-

  • 36% to users for developing, testing, and product debugging costs
  • 10% to be reserved by the company
  • 10% to be offered to developers
  • 9% to be used for legal expenses
  • 6% to be provided to the advisors
  • 2% to be used for Airdrop
  • 3% to be reserved bounty

A Simplified Digital Trading Approach 

Raido Financial is a unified blockchain-based platform that allows investors and traders from across the globe to exchange in various cryptocurrencies through a single platform. Its features like multi-currency wallet, extensive trading options, high compatibility with all major devices, effective tools, etc., makes it an efficient platform to execute comprehensive cryptocurrency trading activities.

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