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REVV Pick Of The Month Report: REVV Review and Evaluation

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Quick Facts

Ticker REVV
Current Price USD 0.017477
Market capitalization USD 4,219,826
Buy Up To Price USD 0.033

Funding Information

150M REVV was sold at a rate of USD 0.00666 (USD 999,000) to strategic partners and liquidity providers. 7.5M REVV was sold during the community sale on Uniswap with the starting price of USD 0.00666.

Circulating Supply 127,531,555 REV
Total Supply 3,000,000,000 REVV
ATH Price USD 0.033098 (October 1, 2020)
30-Day Average Price USD 0.017684
24H Volume USD 274,138
30-Day Average Volume USD 676,527
30-Day Average Price USD 0.017684



Spotting trends can be valuable when it comes to crypto investing. Long before the DeFi hype, we issued BUY recommendations for several DeFi projects that produced excellent returns for subscribers.

DeFi still remains the biggest trend in cryptocurrency despite the current downtrend in the market. In our opinion, after a healthy correction the prices of DeFi projects will come back up.

However, decentralized finance is not the only exciting sector in crypto that can potentially produce great returns.

In September, we saw the rise of projects that deal with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). These are a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique, meaning there will not be another token identical to it on the blockchain.

NFTs are likely to be the next big thing in crypto.

Many of you may remember the game CryptoKitties, whose popularity congested the Ethereum network in 2017. CryptoKitties operate as NFTs, and each digital cat is unique. Like regular ERC-20 tokens, the value of NFTs can appreciate or depreciate based on market demand.

Since 2017 the sector has been evolving, and in September, many NFT projects have generated significant returns. However, this is still the beginning of the rise of NFTs in the crypto space.

There are currently many types of NFT you can find on the market—crypto art, crypto-collectibles, and crypto-gaming are examples.

Of particular interest to us is crypto gaming, since selling in-game content has become a popular revenue model for game publishers.

Blockchain technology enables the pairing of in-game items with NFTs, which can potentially disrupt the entire gaming industry. Users will have the ability to freely trade their in-game items without relying on centralized parties or black markets. And, there are not that many projects working in this particular sector.

We think that we found an exciting project that is trying to combine blockchain gaming and NFTs. The name of the project is REVV, and it is unique in several ways.

It was developed by Animoca Brands, one of the strongest companies in blockchain gaming. The company was founded in 2014 by Yat Siu and is a spin-off of Animoca. Animoca is a traditional game developer with almost 15 million users.

REVV is the main utility token, as well as the in-game currency of the branded motorsports games produced by Animoca Brands.

Connecting Motorsports Games and NFTs

REVV allows gamers to purchase services, trade, and play blockchain games based on leading motorsports brands. REVV will connect multiple Animoca Brands blockchain game titles based on motorsport intellectual property. These games will feature two main play experiences—collecting and competitive racing.

The first motorsport game developed by Animoca Brands is F1® Delta Time. This is an official product of the famous FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP licensed by Formula One Digital Media Limited.

The game has not been released yet, but the team plans to launch next month. Multiplayer mode would follow the launch.

The game teaser is already available here: