Roger Ver Claims Bitcoin Cash Has The Best Chance Of Being p2p cash for the world

In a recent interview with Naomi Brockwell, Roger Ver, an early investor in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and now Bitcoin cash (BCH) proponent, discussed in depth about the crypto industry, clarifies his stand on the Bitcoin Cash fork.

Ver started off by saying that his dream always has been to build tools that will aid make transactions possible between two people anywhere on the earth. He noted that his aim is to establish a  cryptocurrency that rids the middle-man or government, who usually charge a big amount of fees:

The reason that I’m so excited about Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is because that I think it has the best chance of doing, if it winds up being Dash Monero [XMR] or Zcash [ZEC]… take your pick, I don’t care which one it is, as long as we do it.
And that’s what is so furstrating to me abou the original Bitcoin scaling wars, that literally laid the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide…

He further elaborated that due to a bunch of economically ignorant people, Bitcoin adoption has been delayed by a few years. Their hesitation to accept the token as a viable form of money is restricting the token’s and the ecosystem’s progress. He pointed that the apprehensions still continue in major economies around the world, for instance, the U.S. the SEC is yet to finalize decisions regarding ICOs. Ver added:

… but the people that want to make peer-to-peer cash for the world are on the Bitcoin Cash chain with some glaring exceptions and the glaring exceptions are those that want to make Bitcoin cash government friendly.

Addressing a rumor about him that claims that he supports and venture into the market for the financial advantages and the amount of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that he holds, Ver pointed out that he was into the ecosystem way before anyone recognized its potential. Ver stated:

“Bitcoin cash works far better and far more reliably than BTC it is at this point… I had more financial and philosophical motivation and just about anybody in the entire world to see BTC be a success… so I had more financial and philosophical motivation to see that be a success than just about anyone, anywhere. The reason I switched to supporting Bitcoin Cash is because the BTC camp economically committed suicide with their full block and centrally planned economic policy of making a network unusable for commerce “

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