Roger Ver ‘In Talks’ with for Acquisition, a Bitcoin-based Amazon payments facilitator, is reconsidering its decision for liquidation as many approached the startup for acquisition.

“[Since our first announcement] we have received an incredible outpouring of support from the community, causing us to reconsider our decision,” the company stated on Thursday. “Several parties – including well-known bitcoin advocates, high volume users, and established cryptocurrency companies – reached out with interest in acquiring”

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Among the interested parties is Roger Ver, a well-known crypto advocate.

In a YouTube video, Ver said: “Purse is too important for the ecosystem to let it disappear so I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I’ve been in talks with them a lot, so stay tuned for some more news on”

The troubled startup, however, did not reveal the names of any possible buyer, it clarified that it “continue(s) to vet new ownership for the platform.”

Earlier, the company announced that its functionalities would be terminated on April 23, however, now it has assured that its “Shop and Earn will remain functional.”

A loved Bitcoin startup

Launched in 2014, the San Francisco-based company was offering rewards in Bitcoin for purchases on Though many startups are now offering such services, was among the first to reward Bitcoin.

The company also partnered with Amazon gift card sellers and paired them with buyers willing to pay in Bitcoins, thus playing a major role in boosting Bitcoin adoption.

Though the company did not reveal the exact reason behind the harsh decision of liquidation, it raised $1.3 million over the years as funding, per Crunchbase.

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