Samsung Increased Number of DApps in Blockchain Keystore to 17

Samsung has announced the addition of more apps to its online DApp store called Blockchain Keystore. The app store was launched in March 2019 and initially only had four apps. Now, with the addition of about thirteen more, Blockchain Keystore now officially has seventeen available apps.

The initial four DApps were one game, one billing app, one social media app and one password wallet. However, the new additions directly mean that there is a bigger range and more variety. Two DApps already confirmed include Anpan, a social media app; and also an entertainment app called The Hunters.

Samsung is one of the big tech giants currently working on creating products specific to the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.  The Galaxy S10 which was announced a few months ago in February, has a new addition to the Samsung ecosystem called the Samsung Knox. According to reports, the Knox will facilitate private key storage for crypto wallets.

There is a noted increase in giant tech firms who are making crypto-specific products for their vast audiences. For example, Apple announced its CryptoKit, which was built for certain crypto-specific tasks for the upcoming iOS 13. It will reportedly support hashing and facilitate encryption for developers.

Also, HTC launched its “world’s first native blockchain phone” in October last year. Called the Exodus, it was announced to be a blockchain enabled device and was selectively released as it could only be bought using Bitcoin or Ether.

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