Sapphire Tech Targets Grin Cryptocurrency With New GPU Miner

Sapphire Technology, a Hong Kong-based graphics card producer will be launching a new line of miners targeting the privacy-focused “grin” cryptocurrency.

The announced was made at the launch of Sapphire’s RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card on Tuesday.  The firm said that the new product will be “the first of a new family” of products designed to mine grin and other cryptocurrencies. Not on sale as of now, but will be available to order “soon.”

The firm also added that the new product is “one of the few solutions” designed for the Cuckatoo 31+ proof-of-work algorithm underpinning the network, claiming that it would lead “to higher rewards for early miners.”

Adrian Thompson, Sapphire’s global VP of marketing, referred to both the RX 570 and potential future products and stated that the company is “thrilled” for the launch. He added:

“The launch of the RX 570 16GB HDMI Card presents an exciting opportunity not just for SAPPHIRE but for early Grin Coin miners and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Future products will include new 16GB Graphics additions’ to SAPPHIRE’s line of INCA and MGI Series of dedicated blockchain systems.”

Based on the mimblewimble privacy technology, Grin went live last week after two years of development. Cyberpunks and investment firms alike have shown a major interest in Grim, majorly due to its similarity to bitcoin while remaining GPU miner compatible.

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