Scammers Try To Lure Visitors To Share Private Keys On Yean Finance-like Website

Yearn Finance has a doppelganger that copies the original yearn. finance website. The scam website is almost similar to the authentic yearn. finance website in its design, website copy, and domain name. 

Matching the yearn. finance original website, the doppelganger has six available options in the first window. The options are Dashboard, Vaults, Earn, Zap, Cover, and Stats. However, regardless of whatever option visitors click, the website redirects them to a different page that requests the visitors to connect their crypto wallets. 

Cointelegraph that the Yearn Finance doppelganger is luring visitors to share private keys to their digital assets wallets. 

As users try to connect their wallets on the scam website, a list of crypto wallets appears. After this, a pop-up also appears. The pop up asks users to share their private keys or passphrase. 

Cointelegraph reported that the scammers used “” very similar to the original “” In addition to the tricks, the fake website tops the search results for “yearn finance.”

As doppelganger scams become rampant in the cryptocurrency industry, a website currently presents itself as Trust Wallet to scam users. On the fake Trust Wallet website, there is a button that reads “Claim Prize.” Similar to yearn. finance, when users click the option, it asks for their private keys. 

Unfortunately, new users who do not understand the risks associated with sharing private keys may fall victim to these tricks. 

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