Selecting the best Altcoins, the Gulzar way!

Altcoins, or digital tokens that are not market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum, are a hot topic these days as investors look to diversify their cryptocurrency investments and explore new markets. While this may be a temporary, almost touch-and go phase, the world is witnessing, it’s not hard to see that there is an evergreen quality about certain things, whether they are stock fundamentals or books or, more likely, music.

Like timeless investment advice, old Hindi songs have stood the test of time and still hold their relevance. These heartfelt songs range from Tere Bina Zindagi Se Shikwa Nai to Musafir Hu Yaaron and Satrangi Re. It’s difficult to ignore the classic significance of Gulzar’s words and music. They are a staple part of many of our most memorable and nostalgic family reunions, reunions, and intimate gatherings.

His words are still relevant and expressive, even at 87 years old, which he celebrated yesterday. How can one effortlessly combine the old and the new, something as complex and emerging as the cryptocurrency market, and something as profoundly touching as the legend’s lyrics?

Over the years his songs have taught me many valuable life lessons. Rewinding my Gulzar playlist, it was hard not to look for such gems to identify rewarding altcoins from his never-ending collection of tracks. Have a look:

It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t danced to this song, and reenacted SRK’s incredible moves atop the train as it made its way through the rainy mountains. This song may make you want to break out into spontaneous jigs, but it is not recommended when choosing altcoins for the portfolio.

Before you dive into the unknown, uncharted territories of altcoins such as:

Management quality is more important than celebrities endorsing the coins

The technology underpinning the invention and its potential applications

Actual progress versus social media frenzy

Market capitalization

Vision and purpose.

You can look at the whitepaper for the currency to do this. Mudrex CEO and C0-founder Edul Patel explains that whitepapers contain key information like practical use cases and scalability.

Watch out for launch dates. Altcoins that are clearly riding on the bullish cycle should be avoided. They do not have the fundamentals to back them once the hype has died down.