ShareMeAll emerging as a New Trend in Trading and a tool to Encourage Cryptocurrency Adoption all over

Trade is the basic element that global economy thrives on. The practice of trading of goods and services has existed from times immemorial. Historically known as the Barter System, the boundless sector of trade has been renewing its course parallelly with the progression of technology over years. Certainly, every technological advancement has brought with it a trend of change and development in the ways in which trading partakes globally. Today, as the next-gen technologies are taking the world by storm, the surging of a new wave in this field is only natural. And riding the crest of this revolutionary tide is the ShareMeAll Project.

ShareMeAll is a project that has taken some of the earliest steps at merging the traditional trading practices with the modish Blockchain technology for realizing a new-age barter system that provides options for trade, exchange and sharing of goods, services, skills, assets like a part or all of one’s home, car, and everything imaginable. In fulfilling its goal, the project has created internet and mobile platform ShareMeAll that would serve as people’s to-go option for offering or availing relevant goods and services. ShareMeAll is an uncomplicated interface with a subtle design that users can easily understand and operate with.

The key feature of the project is the platform’s personal cryptocurrency, eSwitch®. Users who accomplish trade on the ShareMeAll platform would, in turn, be awarded eSwitch® tokens that would rest in their ShareMeAll wallets and can be used for availing goods, services, accommodation, and numerous other services offered on the platform as and when required. The tokens are a strong virtual asset based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The risk of depreciation is inevitable in cryptocurrency and one if the main factors that discourage commoners and small-time investors from assuming them. However in ShareMeAll, as the adoption of the tokens increase, the risk of depreciation associated with the cryptocurrency is to gradually nullify, giving way to a stable currency that can be used like any other traditional currency being used today, but with more versatility.

eSwitch® has been built in a way that it can function as the cryptocurrency of a new system of exchange and sharing of goods and services in which humans and the universal values like compassion will be the center. The platform lays down various procedures and practices by which the eSwitch® tokens can be earned, spent and invested upon. The platform eliminates all roles of intermediaries by instilling smart contracts which can be agreed upon and signed directly by the buyer-seller duo.

ShareMeAll, through its platform makes an incredible effort at bringing people closer by helping communities centred on one common interest to develop and grow globally. It encourages people around the globe to connect in real-time and develop lasting relationships. The idea inevitability fuels the adoption of cryptocurrency, which is the pressing issue of late with crypto-Blockchain based platforms everywhere in the world.


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