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Sorry, Bitcoin, Altcoins Start Grabbing the Spotlight in Mainstream Media

Bitcoin (BTC) prices have been grabbing all the headlines in the mainstream media of late, with the token pushing toward the key USD 20,000 mark – but with altcoins also surging, some major conventional media outlets are now helping millions of their readers to find altcoins that outperformed BTC.

In a roughly 1,000-word report named “Beyond Bitcoin: These Cryptocurrencies Are Doing Even Better,” Bloomberg took a deep-dive into the world of altcoins, commenting that tokens like ethereum (ETH), Ripple’s XRP, litecoin (LTC) are currently “giving the world’s most famous digital currency a run for its money.”

Journalist Edward Robinson wrote that some “cryptocurrencies are posting even gaudier numbers than the progenitor of digital money.”

He singled out ETH for note, calling it a “longtime favorite of tech geeks,” with XRP labeled “a lightning rod for crypto-critics.”

However, the media outlet warned that “crypto veterans” claimed that rushing to buy up altcoins was tantamount to “making bets based on little more than market momentum,” which could be an “unwise” decision.

Robinson wrote,

Altcoins have also been peaking on Google Trends of late, a suggestion that it may not just be mainstream journalists who have developed an interest in ETH, XRP and the rest of late.

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