Sports Betting Sites’ Infographic Analyzes Growth in Bitcoin ATMs

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Bitcoin is enjoying a long bull run. In fact, the cryptocurrency has more than doubled in price this year alone. While its market value has fluctuated as it has generally trended upwards, the growth of Bitcoin ATMs has been unidirectional and exponential. With Los Angeles leading the pack, we are quickly approaching 20,000 Bitcoin ATMs.

The team at Sports Betting Sites has created an infographic showing the growth of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States and around the world. Globally, about 8,000 BTC ATMs were installed last year. The year before 3,000. If this pace continues, or even slows a bit, we are on track to break into 20,000 before the end of next year.

This infrastructure speaks to Bitcoin’s strength. They are physical, long-lasting infrastructure that add security to the cryptocurrency markets.

In the United States, Los Angeles is home to more Bitcoin ATMs than any other city. At 831, it is nearly double Chicago, which holds the second position, with 475. Other heavy hitters include the Texan cities of Houston and Dallas.

The United States dominates the supply of Bitcoin ATMs. More than 75% can be found in one of the fifty states. Europe as a continent has 1231, and Canada is home to 922. Together these three places account for 97.7% of the global Bitcoin ATM count.

Check out the infographic for more information here.

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