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Square Enix President: Keep an eye on NFTs

Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix Japanese entertainment company, sees non-fungible tokens as a key component to the gaming industry. They also help in reducing costs as they grow.

Matsuda addressed fans in an open letter and discussed some trends for 2021. He also laid out a roadmap for where the gaming giant wants to go in 2022.

Matsuda has not forgotten Metaverse, which was the tech buzzword of 2021. Matsuda stated that Facebook’s name change to was an indication that the term was more then a buzzword.

He called 2021 ” metaverse Year One” as well as ” NFTs Year One”. Matsuda sees “eventual right sizing in digital good deals” as they become more common, with NFT prices increasing to their true value.

He admitted to the skepticism of fans about microtransactions, which already plague countless games.

Play For Fun

He wrote, “I understand that some people who “play for fun” and currently make up the majority of players have expressed their reservations towards these new trends. It is understandable.”

“I believe there will be some people who “play to play to contribute,” which is what I mean by making the game more fun.

The letter response has been negative so far. Some people felt that “play to help” was just marketing jargon meant to create another system of monetisation within games.