Stellar News: Stellar (XLM) Is 2018’s Best Performing Altcoin When Indexed To Bitcoin Price Performance

Stellar News: A relative price performance index (RPI) methodology, which indexes crypto price performances to Bitcoin’s own price performance, illustrated that Stellar’s XLM is the best performing token amongst the top ten altcoins of the year.

Upon using this relative indexing methodology by taking Bitcoin as its base, it was observed that Stellar has merely dipped 7% (RPI 0.93) in comparison to the relative price of Bitcoin on January 7th, when the cryptocurrency currency collapse occurred, in comparison to its relative price to Bitcoin at the time of writing.

The RPI of other leading alt-coins such as XRP = RPI 0.46,  54% drop, ETH = RPI 0.43, 57% drop and BCH = RPI 0.26, 74% drop. Notably, Stellar outperforms its nearest competitors by a factor of two in regards to the RPI lens.

The inference sheds some positive light on the Stellar’s comparative performance to other cryptos in 2018, implying that the exponential growth in the Stellar project’s visibility had a breakthrough year.

However, the fall in the market cap of the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem is not in accordance with the inference. The combined total market cap has fallen from its all-time high of $822 billion on January 7th to a current value of $133 billion. 2018 has progressed into the longest bear market in the ten-year history of crypto. It shows no sign of abating, in fact, analysts predict that the market will suffer a further fall before it could recover.

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