Storiqa Launches Blockchain-Based Marketplace With Focus On APAC

Are you looking for a marketplace where you can sell and buy goods with cryptocurrency? Looking for a place that forgoes financial borders? A place that does not charge extra fees or has fake reviews? Well Storiqa, the first marketplace based on blockchain and crypto has launched its test platform that will enable you the aforementioned and much much more.

The marketplace based on the blockchain, Storiqa just went public with it test platform – Founded in August 2017, Storiqa is known to employ cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to streamline, simplify and resolve the current issues between buyers and sellers.

Initially, the beta platform is focussing on the Asia-Pacific region, and especially Singapore. The blockchain marketplace already lists 20 brands that offer around 170 unique products ranging from  Strawberry-shaped porcelain plates to wooden notebooks to enamel air balloons. The product theme is aligned around home decor and personal accessories.

The platform currently utilizes and price its product with STQ token, the native token that acts as a measure of exchange, later it plans to facilitate shoppers to pay via fiat and crypto. Being tested in tested in Singapore, the company will expand in other APAC countries. As per their trail, the marketplace was integrated with Storiqa shop in September. With branded Storiqa merchandise on the menu, Storiqa was visited by 6000 unique visitors within the 30-day trial period.

The CEO of Storiqa, Andrian Galkin stated in the press release:

“Currently we see Singapore as an initial trial market for us. It’s highly international and has a perfect basement for further global growth. The launch will not only help break down existing obstacles but also gain the experience for first shopping with cryptos in the world. After limited market test run Storiqa will scale up the business model to other countries”

While helping crypto-owners to browse through a wide variety of products and buy the product of their choosing with cryptocurrency, the platform also aids the seller. One of their key aims is to help small and medium-sized producers to have the whole world as their buyers, not just the local market. In order to invite buyers on to the platform, Storiqa offers a 3 months free trial period to the first sellers.


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