SUBAJ: Combining Blockchain,AR And Social Gamification To Redefine Shopping

The increase in popularity of the internet, and the nature in which it has managed to intricately affect our lives, is unparalleled to any invention or discovery made by man. Over Sixty billion messages are sent on apps such as WhatsApp, and Facebook leading to the centralisation of many such apps and sites. This may sound great when written on paper, but it only leaves them open and vulnerable to hackers, who intend to misuse the information found to their benefit, threatening user’s right to privacy.

This is where Blockchain comes into play. The astounding benefit of Blockchain is that, multiple parties can keep and maintain an access to the changes being made to the money/private information, therefore lending a great deal of transparency. Since it cannot be handled by a single entity only, it minimizes the chances of a single point of failure.

Another revolutionary step in defining how the internet is now being viewed and used, is the integration of digital information with a particular user’s real time environment , also known to all of us as Augmented Reality.  Today, Google glass and heads-up displays in car windshields are perhaps the most well-known consumer AR products. Social Gamification is used by marketing experts to kindle audience engagement and loyalty, to arouse a positive association with the brand, thereby enhancing the overall experience of the consumer.

These three, or the holy trinity as I like to call them, is sadly wildly under explored and used. While many ICOs are using either one or two, none of them have been successful in introducing the three concepts together, in order for them to co-exist in harmony till recently, other than SUBAJ.

What is SUBAJ?

SUBAJ is a decentralized platform and marketplace where different companies, merchants, retailers, merchants and service providers can participate in such a way, that everyone wins, and there are no losers. These merchants and service providers offer either SBJ tokens, or their own business tokens as loyalty rewards to their customers. Each cryptocurrency, irrespective of the seller or brand is affiliated with SUBAJ, which means that customers can redeem any token at any brand, or seller, creating a vast network of interconnected Cryptocoins within the SUBAJ blockchain platform.

Its platform is fuelled by the ground-breaking technologies like Social Gamification, Augmented Reality and GeoDrop Technology. It acts as a one-size-fits-all blockchain reward based solution for different types of online and offline communities. These give way for multiple benefits for the customers like GeoDrop, which allows merchants to drop offers that will appear on the map at any given time, and at any given place using drop technology. The customers are free to accept any offer that they find interesting. SUBAJ also helps merchants to figure out what their customers need, by combining the information collected via transactions and communication.

If you wish to witness this revolutionary step in the history of Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Social Gamification, fret not, for it is going live in fourteen days! Click on the link below to take part in their sale.

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