Swisscom, A Major Swiss Telecoms Firm Plans To Distribute Tokenized Artwork

Swisscom, a major Swiss telecommunications company has announced plans for a distribute tokenized artwork through its Swisscom TV television network, as reported by ,Cointelegraph auf Deutsch on May 24.

The app is developed in collaboration with Swiss tokenization startup Dloop. As per the press release, the artworks will be limited initially to 100 works by 30 artists, exclusively available on the Swisscom TV box through the NOOW app. Stefanie Marlene Wenger will choose the artworks, he elaborates about it in the press release:

“This is about more than creating a virtual gallery; the next step will be to include curated exhibitions on the platform and a close collaboration with galleries.”

NOOW app has reportedly enabled users since its launch, to select and but certified copies that are issued in limited numbers. The press release claims digitization has degraded the value of original art as it can be copied without any quality loss. The Swisscom system further claims that “the owner receives a certificate of authenticity and knows how many copies of a work exist.”

Jonas Baumann, a Basel artist is quoted praising the advantages of digitization in the release:

“NOOW helps me to bring art to the screen. It also offers new creative opportunities to experiment with animated images and offer them to a wider audience.”

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