TechCrunch Founder Set To Sell Blockchain-based Kiev Apartment as NFT on Propy

TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington’s Kyiv apartment is about to become the first real estate non-fungible token (NFT). Reports revealed that the apartment would be auctioned on the real estate transaction platform Propy. 

Before now, the apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, was marked as the first-ever blockchain-based real estate to be sold. 

In a on the 25th of May, Arrington said, “Buy My House.”

Now, the apartment will be made available to the public with bidding starting at $20,000. Propy explained the details of the auction on its website. According to the details, the NFT that transfers the possession rights will be auctioned for 24 hours. The real estate transaction platform stated that bidding begins on the 8th of June. 

Additionally, the apartment sale will include an NFT art piece on the wall, and NFT digital art piece by popular Kyiv graffiti artist, Chizz, and access to ownership transfer paperwork. 

Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva commented:

Image Credits: Pixabay

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