Tezro, Your New Fastest and Most Secured Payment Tool

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Tezro is a multi-purpose platform that allows you to chat and send cryptocurrency. According to Tezro, ‘your chat is your bank’. Not only can you use it to chat with a friend. You can use it to quickly send your friend some crypto if the topic ever comes up.

Signing up to Tezro is quick and easy. Download their mobile app on either iOS or Android. From there, click Sign Up. Write down your seed phrase and store it in a secure location. This will be how you access the account on desktop or mobile. Create your pin and you’re good to go. The only Know-Your-Customer (KYC) barriers when signing up are your name and phone number, making it fast to get started.

Depositing money to the Tezro wallet is simple. Go to the chat section and click on which cryptocurrency you wish to send or receive. You are given your wallet address, which you can input onto an exchange or send someone you want to receive crypto from. You even have the option of using a QR code to send or receive payments and withdraw currencies.

As of right now, below are the only cryptocurrencies available to send. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Tether (USDT), Euro Tether (EURt), Chinese Yuan Tether (CNHT), as well as US Dollar (USD), euro (EUR), and Chinese Yen (CNY) as the traditional currencies available.

Tezro also has an email feature. Just click on the email icon and it pops up. Enter the email of the person that you want to send to. You cannot send crypto through this feature but it’s a nice one to have in case what you need is to email someone.

With a gift card system that you can use, Tezro has an interesting feature to send money to friends. You can tap the gift box to access the gift section, type in your wishes on the gift card and set the number of recipients. You can even make it a surprise. People who receive it just need to tap the card and they will receive their money.

Your funds are held in a software wallet once you create the seed phrase on your account. You need to keep this phrase secure if you wish to keep your funds secure. Tezro also uses a pin, giving you a few layers of security to your account. You have full control of your funds in the hot wallet, giving you all of the options of storing, depositing and withdrawing your funds.

The chat interface itself is clean and simple with a minimal design, making sections easy to find. Adding new contacts just needs the person’s name and phone number. After that, you can chat and send crypto as you see fit.

If you have ever wanted to send crypto while chatting with a friend or client through a messenger platform, then Tezro may be what you’re looking for. It would be a convenient way to iron out some details in a business meeting on an all-in-one platform. Perhaps you are looking to share more details as you’re chatting and can easily iron them out through a quick text. Or perhaps it’s your friend’s birthday, and you can send your friend her favorite cryptocurrency.

There are many practical uses for Tezro’s platform. The application of it could be wide as a chat and payment system in the cryptocurrency world. If you have a bunch of friends in crypto or your daring crypto business needs a platform to chat, with the ability to send cryptocurrency if the sudden need arises, Tezro may be what you’re looking for.

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