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Top cryptocurrency news on August 6: Ethereum rises over 4% and other major stories

Market Buzz

After upgrading Ethereum, Ethereum rose by more than 4%

On August 6, cryptocurrency prices were mixed in red and green. Global cryptocurrency market capitalization was $1.67 trillion. This is a 3.34 percent rise over the previous day. The crypto market volume for the past 24 hours was $99.90 Billion, which is a 23.06% increase. Bitcoin’s price was $39,799.30 and its dominance was 45.70 percent, an increase of 0.06 percent over the day.

Big Story

Ray Dalio claims he would choose gold over Bitcoin. Here’s why

Ray Dalio, a billionaire investor, said that he views Bitcoin as “digital Gold”, but he prefers one to the other. Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, said that he has a small amount bitcoin. Dalio said that if you held a gun to his head and told him, “I can only have one.” “I would choose to have gold.” Read more here.


How does Ethereum’s London Hard Fork Upgrade work?

The popular, open-source, blockchain was redesigned on August 5. It is a highly anticipated event for ethereum lovers. This boosted Ether’s intraday growth to trade at 2,790 USD. What is the London Hard Fork? Read more here.

Investment Corner

You can make money with crypto trading without having to trade. These are some unconventional ways to make money in crypto without trading.

The promise of instant riches and significant gains when trading in cryptocurrency is very attractive. However, not many people can actually tap into the famous price waves and “dips”, which allow for such lucrative trading. And with bitcoin having recently seen a favorable price upswing, rallying over the 40,000-mark and currently trading with a weekly rise of 2.59 percent at 39, 520 dollars and Ethereum jumping over 9 percent over the last seven days to trade at 2,581 dollars, the time seems apt for many newbie investors to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. If regular trading in cryptocurrency is not for you, don’t worry!