Tron’s Odyssey 3.0 Is Live, And It Challenges Ethereum, EOS and NEO

The Odyssey 3.0 blockchain software is here. Released by Tron, the significant upgrades are designed to combat the platform’s major competitor, Ethereum. Live now at GitHub, the code includes the first official release of Tron’s virtual machine, the suite of tools that developers will use to power decentralized apps and execute smart contracts on the network.

Notably, the virtual machine is designed to be compatible with Ethereum, which enables developers to easily port Ethereum DApps onto Tron without making major modifications to the code. Tron boasts that the upgraded network now scales better than Ethereum as the virtual machine also reduces the amount of physical memory required for running DApps. Implying that the network won’t get bogged down as easily when popular apps debut on the network.

Another feature that tilts the scale towards Tron is that TRX transactions are also significantly cheaper than Ether, making the platform significantly easier for developers to utilize.

“Tron has always attached great importance to building the infrastructure for the Tron ecosystem. Since the release of the TVM beta version, the Tron team has been conducting tests and debugging for the security and stability of the TVM, as well as optimization for the compiler and the instruction set. Currently, the TVM official version integrates better developers’ tools, developer team building and game engine construction, which creates a VM system with higher performance, better ecosystem and easier operation.”

Now that the code is available, nodes, crypto exchanges and wallets can begin to implement and activate the upgrade. Tron states that its next big upgrade will be launched soon. The development team will disclose their plans for multi-signature, zero-knowledge proof, and cross-chain communication next month.

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