TRX Price Analysis: Dominated by Bears TRX/USD Cracks MA 50, TRON Airdrops JUST(JST) Tokens to Every Holder With 100 and More TRX

*TRON (TRX) price is losing value near $0.014 over the past 24hrs, with little support for the Altcoin
*TRX/USD had maintained much above $0.0150 key level before the drop, while its uptrend capped beneath $0.016
*The members of the Tron community were subjected to an airdrop organized by JUST Foundation

TRX/USD Daily Chart: Ranging

TRX/USD Daily Chart

TRX reported its breakdown at low after exchanging beneath $0.014 low level over the previous session. The market found support at the ascending trendline region after trading as low as 0.0136 throughout the day. Selling may intensify, while still in consolidation, should price drop underneath the near-by swing low at 0.0133 support zone where more selling stops could be triggered.

The short-term moving average tends to work towards closing the divide in both MA 50 and MA 200 on the 4-Hour time frame. It’s fair from a technical viewpoint to suggest that in the near term, TRX/USD is dominated by bears. TRX/USD is down, as the market strives closer to support to contain the current declines. Nevertheless, if the pressure to sell persists, the horizontal support level of $0.0133 and $0.0120 may stand for the market.

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