Tuur Demeester, Others Predict Bullish Shift in Bitcoin Outlook

Four crypto advocates believe Bitcoin will have a bullish outlook in the coming years.

Top crypto influencers Nic Carter, Tuur Demeester, Robert Breedlove & Alex Leishman held a Zoom meeting on July 10 to address the current state of Bitcoin and the global economy. The discussion was Peter McCormack’s latest episode of , a YouTube podcast series.

According to Carter, the global economy will experience “a wave of sovereign currency failures similar to the Asian financial crisis in the late ’90s, similar to the post-Soviet Union.” He believes it will likely occur within the next two years.

Carter is a co-founder of and a partner at Castle Island Ventures. Carter’s prediction is based on the fact that some sovereign currencies are indebted to emerging markets.

Demeester shares the same view as Carter. He believes that as the debts continue to mount, economies will be crippled for up to a decade. Regarding Bitcoin, he believes its best to simply buy a little and store properly at different locations. He calls it a “self-directed insurance policy.”

Demeester is the founding partner of .

Breedlove, CEO of , believes Bitcoin will have a big rally but not anytime soon.

As for Leishman, founder of , he believes Bitcoin has a bullish outlook given the high interest from his diverse clients.

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