Twitter: Hackers Accessed DMs of 36 Accounts During Bitcoin Scam Debacle

Several weeks after the Twitter hack that caused the accounts of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and many others to tweet about a Bitcoin scam, the social media giant is continuing to reveal more information about the attack. Specifically, on July 31st, @TwitterSupport tweeted that of 130 twitter accounts that were targeted, hackers managed to access the direct message (DM) inbox of 36; seven of the accounts’ Twitter Data was downloaded.

“By obtaining employee credentials, they were able to target specific employees who had access to our account support tools,” the tweet explained, adding that hackers “targeted a small number of employees through a phone spear phishing attack” to gain access to the accounts.

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“We’ll continue to share updates and precautionary steps we take so that others can learn from this, too,” another of @TwitterSupport’s tweets said. “We recognize the trust you place in us, and are committing to earning it by continued open, honest and timely updates anytime an incident like this happens.”

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