Twitter Users Could Send Bitcoins Via Lightning Network, Through Tippin Extension

A brand new Tippin extension will now enable both Chrome and Firefox to send and receive Bitcoin micropayments through Twitter with the help of the Lightning Network.

As per the Tippins official press release, with the new extension, everyone can send and receive a small number of bitcoins on Twitter. Twitter users will be capable of sending bitcoin micropayments as a tip, for a specific tweet and wish to express their appreciation for it.

The user will require a Twitter account in addition to a  Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox. Once they install the Tippin extension, it enables a small lightning bolt symbol displayed inside each tweet, right next to the “like” and retweet” buttons. The best part is that the transactions are easy, cheap, and fast to pull off, thanks to the help of the Lightning Network.

? Remember when you couldn’t know which one of your Tweets was that good to get a tip? Well… From now on, you’ll know!

?Update your extension

(? )

— Tippin (@tippin_me) February 16, 2019

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