Wanxiang and PlatON Join Forces To Build New Smart City in China

The Chief Strategy Officer at PlatON Ada Xiao further added on how PlatON’s privacy services will be used in the city, stated:

“With our use of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and other privacy-preserving technologies, we can ensure the privacy of sensitive data including digital identities of residents, smart equipment, and personal devices, as they interact with one another on a shared ledger.”

Planned to be launched in 2025, Innova City project will contain 90,000 residents. The city will purportedly include an “International Research and Innovation Park” along with Wanxiang automotive facilities with electric vehicles. As per the report, Wanxiang commits $29 billion to support Innova City’s creation.

PlatON’s website partners Wanxiang Blockchain on a consortium blockchain for enterprise applications. In addition Feng Xiao, is listed as co-founder of PlatON, Chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain and founder of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs. As for Wanxiang Blockchain’s website, the Wanxiang Blockchain contains Wanxiang Blockchain Labs as one of its six groups.

The Chinese government announced in April that it would fund the development of a blockchain-based smart city in Malaysia. Project CEO KK Lim commented on the vision for the city, saying that they intended to use blockchain tech to transform Malaysia a “world-class tourist destination.”

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