Weiss Ratings Suggests This The Right Time To Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin news: Weiss Ratings, the International rating agency has often illustrated mixed feelings regarding Bitcoin (BTC). However, their latest tweets fully support the token and suggest that it is the perfect time to invest in them.

In a series of Tweets about cryptocurrencies, tweeted on December 11, Weiss states that BTC is the “least speculative investment,” of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and that it is “here to stay.” The Tweet Reads:

#BTC is getting to such low levels that it’s becoming one of the best buying opportunities of the year. As a store of value, #Bitcoin is here to stay. We truly think it’s the least speculative investment a person can make in #crypto right now.

— Weiss Crypto Ratings (@WeissCrypto) December 11, 2018

Ver stated in an interview with Bloomberg last week, that he wished “all cryptocurrencies” well “if they’re trying to bring more economic freedom to the world by making (themselves) useful as currencies for the world.”

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