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ZEBI – The Indian Big Data Blockchain marttartup Trying To Propel The Digitisation Drive

The annual data consumption in India is increasing rhetorically with experts predicting that the South Asian nation will consume 3 zebibytes of information annually by 2020. Amidst this burst of positivity, a sharp increase is also seen in the quantum of data leaks, data hacks, identity thefts and data tampering which has presented the public and private organisations of India with an annual loss figure of $30 billion. In such a scenario, a growing demand is being felt for a blockchain technology driven digital solution which could provide users readily with sensitive data for legitimate use. Here comes, ZEBI in the picture.

What is Zebi ?

Zebi, a Vishakhapatnam based startup is providing big-data solution based on blockchain architecture to organisations. Zebi can guarantee complete protection to its users from tampering and third-party hacking coupled with its highly secure core infrastructure while obtaining consent of the participating individuals. The platform constitutes of Zebi Chain which provides immutability to critical records and a central hub termed as Zebi Data Gateway assisting in instantaneous and secure data exchange via Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) APIs.

The name “ZEBI” comes from zebibyte=1024?.

Zebi can also be integrated with the Ethereum blockchain for providing customers with supreme flexibility in regards to smart contract deployment and public/private blockchain utilization. The platform ensures absolute consent of its participants prior to data exchange who subsequently get their deserved share of data monetization.

The company has already initiated discussion with various state governments for digitizing their land record data empowered by big data scheme. A pact has already been signed by Zebi with the government of Andhra Pradesh following which it is undergoing conversations with the governments of Maharashtra and Telangana. The company is trying to identify specific trends and patterns pertaining to both unstructured and structured data while securing the same via Blockchain.

Andhra Pradesh is on a mission to become its first major adopter of Blockchain Technology in India and is being dubbed as the New Tech State of India. The four smart City projects in Andhra Pradesh are set to be completed by 2020–21. Zebi has aligned itself with the governments Smart City Mission and believes that it can be an ambassador for Blockchain Technology in India.

What is the Smart Cities Mission?

  • Urban mobility
  • Sanitation
  • Safety
  • The government aims to develop 100 smart cities under this scheme.

    Problems That Zebi Aims To Solve

    Individuals and organizations often make use of high value data which are highly vulnerable to both forgery and theft given their paper-based nature. Zebi wishes to come ahead with a holistic solution to make these high-valued data readily available to customers without breaching the security parameter. Data owners and data requestors can connect seamlessly over this platform for a consent-based exchange which is going to be the first of its kind in the data industry.

    Co-founder Sudheer Kuppam holds the view that:

     “Data is a nation’s treasure and regulations are rising globally as consumers, enterprises and governments are getting more conscious about securing all forms of sensitive data. Increased awareness of data thefts and emergence of new age technologies such as blockchain have created a large market for data protection worldwide. India is yet to implement Data Sovereignty regulation with over a billion people with digital identity (Aadhaar), and over 400 million internet users that is doubling in the next 3-4 years.” 

    Road Ahead

    The Indian market has been extremely welcoming to Zebi Chain which has been selected by APCRDA for safeguarding their land assets. Shri N. Chandra Babu Naidu, the honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh launched the Amravati Blockchain Asset Management System as an immutable and tamperproof data security solution powered by blockchain for catering to the maintenance of land records. Fake transactions, documents and resultant litigations are expected to be eradicated by Zebi’s solution. People interested in a specific property can view and verify the date of previous transactions.

    Sensitive and high-value data elements is going to be the immediate focus of Zebi. The system will however expand to customer transaction and interaction data in days to come. Thus, Zebi holds the potential of transforming the recording, storage and consumption of critical data in various industries such as Personalized Product Creation, Credit Scoring, eGovernance, Fraud Detection and Consumer Lending.

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