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Where Did the Argentinean Government’s Guide to Bitcoin and Ethereum Go?

Just a day after Our brought you news of the Argentinean government’s publication of a somewhat surprising guide to buying, trading and storing bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and other major altcoins, it appears that Buenos Aires has had second thoughts – and has apparently pulled its guide from the net.

Although the URL for the guide – named “What are Cryptocurrencies?” is still live, following the link no longer brings you to a page that once suggested that crypto was a way to “save money,” and put forward “” as a platform for making BTC and altcoin purchases.

Instead, the page is listed as having a 500 error – HTTP code for when a server detects that something is wrong but cannot specify on the exact nature of the problem.

Now, instead of top Argentinean Ministry of Justice and Human Rights-compiled tips about wallet safety and avoiding bogus-looking crypto trading apps, all that is left is this message:

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