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Xcoins receives In-Principle Approval for a VFA License

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Xcoins receives In-Principle Approval for a VFA License

One of the first crypto-platforms to achieve these regulatory milestones

Xcoins, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that they have just received their In-Principle Approval for their Class 3 VFA License issued by Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), making them one of the very few cryptocurrency exchanges to obtain these permissions.

Malta, Santa Venera

Xcoins has, again, proven that their internal policies and processes are in line with the highest standards in the industry, recognized by the MSFA. With a business strategy that focuses on global expansion, receiving an in-principal approval from the VFA was a natural next step.

CEO and Founder at Xcoins, Rob Frye stated,

Xcoins had fabulous growth since their first time contacting DWP VFA Agent Ltd. After a lot of hard work, they are now a step closer to being licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority. I am incredibly proud to have been part of their application process and also very excited to see what the future holds.

– Dr Rebecca Misfud, VFA Agent at DWP

Fulfilling the conditions and the on-going obligations of the international laws and regulations is proof of Xcoins’ commitment to providing secure and compliant crypto services, protecting users’ fiat and crypto funds, across the world.

About Xcoins

Xcoins is a leading cryptocurrency platform, that provides quick and secure Bitcoin and Altcoin trading services.

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